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Some videos wow you with imagery, while others grab you with what is said.  This video is the latter.

After having done two other videos for Moondance Adventures, an adventure-travel company for teenagers, I pitched the idea of doing one on it’s leaders, the young adults that have a major impact on the teenagers they take into the wilderness.

I spent three days interviewing and getting to know some of the finest young adults you’ll meet anywhere at their leadership training outside Asheville, NC last spring.  What they shared with me was their passion for taking teenagers into the backcountry, their love of Moondance Adventures, and in the process they revealed their genuine character and sincerity.

This video is a departure from my normal style, and is what I call a “talker”, an interview-based video that holds your attention by what is said, not what you see.  If you have the time, be sure and watch to the last segment, called “Saying Goodbye”.  It’s quite moving. Enjoy!

Note: The intended audience for this video are the parents who want to know who will be guiding their children into the outdoors for up to three weeks.

Technical note: This video was shot on Panasonic’s new AF100 at 1920 x 1080.


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