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So far, my summer has been quite productive…and wet!

I just finished two short videos, one on river surfing on the Snake River in Wyoming that has been licensed for use by, and one on whitewater rafting the Lower Salmon River in Idaho for Moondance Adventures, an adventure travel company for teenagers based in Asheville, North Carolina. Funny how both videos involved a river…it just worked out that way. As of 8/25/2010, the river surfing video has received 300,000 views on and 8,000 Facebook recommendations. homepage display 8/9/2010.

I have two more videos on the way that will be done this fall. One is on the use of goats to control noxious weeds (it’s more interesting than it sounds), and the other is on a woman who trains retrievers for competition and hunting. Stay tuned.

It is best to watch these videos in HD, so make sure HD is on, when viewing.

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