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Color these days is user defined.  Photographers are taking interesting liberties with their images and producing some amazing results.

As a long-time photojournalist, any kind of image manipulation would be unethical.  Today, though, as my career extends past the parameters of photojournalism, I decided to play around with the concept of color manipulation.  Here are a few of my tamer efforts made from the same photograph.  It was fun to do, but when called upon for photojournalistic work, I’ll stick with the truth.

Technical Information:  Top left is the original.  Top right is using the high pass technique with hard light.  (If you want to try the high pass technique, let me know and I’ll email you the how to, which was passed along to me by colleague Pouya Dianat.   Bottom left is where I made a duplicate layer, which I desaturated, and then I blended the color and the desaturated layers into one picture.  Bottom right is the same high pass technique with hard light, except this time I added some extra (strange) color to the duplicate layer.

Click on image to enlarge.  Enjoy!

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